Gisborne Seccondary Collage

Today the grade fives and sixes went to to Gisborne Seccondry Collage. We did some of the activities at the high that they do in a normal school day. The first activity I did at the high was art class. I did a design in art that looked like a flower on a disc. I Read More…

What Are You Doing?

Tornadoes mate!! Today I did a year four science expo. My mum and my friends mum came to mine. I was doing this to share my understanding of tornadoes. img_1897 I think that my strongest part of the show was my confidence. Also I  read out loud so the audience could hear me. What I Read More…

Dancing Again!

Again, for real!! On the first of December we did a dance concert. I learnt how to dance to the beat of U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. I also learnt how to time my moves. I learnt that you have to be confident. Also being nervous is a good thing because you have Read More…

What’s Pangaea?

You have Know idea about Pangaea? I was learning to make a puzzle to make Pangaea. Pangae  was all the continents and Tectonic Plates were together. It doesn’t look like that because the tectonic plate diverged.

Who Ahahahahahah!

Wo, Wo that’s way over! I was learning to successfully  measure a 600ml potion. I used millilitres to measure capacity. I succsecfully made a 600ml potion. I got right on the dot. I had to add my measurements accrurately.